Techno Engineering PS

Techno Engineering Project Solution Srls

Techno Engineering Project Solution Srls
Technical Offices
Techno Engineering Project Solution Offices in Cosseria (SV)
Inside to Technical Offices
Welcome inside to our Technical Offices in Cosseria (SV)
Meeting Room
Our Metteng Room suitable for meetings with suppliers, customers and other interesting metteng
Technical Office
The core of our design, with workstations and all tools necessary to creation of design
One of our workstations
Software Office
Our office for design of automation software
Work Management Office
The comfortable works management office of Techno Engineering Project Solution

V100_K077, SERFER, S.r.l.


Techno Engineering Project Solution S.r.l.s., is a design and engineering company,

that it offers support to companies, for the study and construction of machines and systems for industry

with in-depth knowledge of electrical, electronics and automation software.

Also, thanks to a deep know-how developed over the years, the company has acquired a considerable wealth of experience and technical knowledge of the product in many and varied sectors.

The company is distinguished by the attention and professionalism that makes available to each customer so as to meet all functional needs required in order to build advanced and efficient plants and following step by step the engineering, from first site visits to the acceptance tests.