Techno Engineering PS

Railway industry

Techno Engineering Project Solution Srls pays great attention to the railway sector. Thanks to extensive knowledge on the subject, it provides with excellent skills in such a delicate and important matter as the locomotive.

In particular, the company is specialized in the revamping of working locomotives. It refurbishes old machines and it installs on them advanced monitoring and supervision systems, paying attention to the rules in force in the railway field, with installation of components suitable for rail vehicles.

The company has made revamping of machines built in the '50s. It got really excellent results and it offers revamping of locomotives with installations and controls systems extremely modern.


Here there are some works in the railway industry that the company offers to build:

    • Electric revamping of working locomotives;
    • Modernization of old locomotives;
    • Installation of control system on working locomotives;
    • Installation of automation system on working locomotives;
    • Installation of supervision system on working locomotives;
    • Replacement of old equipment with new components and wiring comply with railway standards;
    • Innovative systems for easy maintenance.