Techno Engineering PS

Steel industry

Techno Engineering Project Solution Srls offers in the steel industry unrivaled knowledge dictated by the numerous plants built in the years.

The company provides to its customer a complete competence of each process that characterizes the steel industry; it interface the various process and creates installations connected to each other in order to optimize the processes with an optimum automation.

It also offers the possibility of modernizing old plants to reduce environmental impacts. It installs advanced processes on older machines that can reduce any pollution.


Here there are some of the steel industry plants that the company offers to build:

    • Blast furnace;
    • Tar treatment plant;
    • Service machines for coking plant;
    • Sfornatrici per Carbon Coke;
    • Guide machines for Coke;
    • Cutting machines for heavy thickness;
    • Fume hoods aspiration;
    • Medium voltage cabins for supply;
    • Exchange hood aspiration stations.